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1. Name


2. Version


3. Support System


Remember that in order to allow Yeti to control your Yeelight lights, you must enable the LAN control option. Here you have a guide about how to do this:

4. Function Brief

Yeti lets you control, automate and monitor all your smart appliances using a single interface. It supports a wide range of smart home devices from lights and wireless speakers to heating and security solutions, offering you comfort, safety and convenience. Home automation with Yeti equals the best connected-living experience.

5. Detailed description (Image & Text)

Yeti lets you control, automate and monitor all your smart devices from anywhere, anytime. It supports a wide range of smart home devices from lights and wireless speakers to heating and security solutions, offering you comfort, security and convenience. Home automation with Yeti equals the best connected-living experience.

With Yeti your home will become:

  • simpler as it lets you control all your smart devices with one app instead of many
  • better as it gives you a variety of features to empower your house
  • smarter as it helps your devices to adopt to you and your habits
  • perfectly-tailored as you can choose between local and cloud control

Main features that will put your house to work:

  • Groups: Yeti organizes your devices into groups for faster and simpler access. You can control different types of devices by location, creating rooms (living rooms, bedroom etc.) and managing them with 1 tap.
  • Charms: Yeti triggers specific behaviors of your devices to create magic moments. Impress your guests, and create different charms like home cinema, romantic dinner or party.
  • Routines: Yeti schedules routines that make your home do repetitive daily tasks for you. You can set your coffee machine to prepare coffee every day, just before you wake up. You can set the routines once and then forget about them later, knowing that Yeti will take care of it.

Home automation has never been so simple!

Some of our own everyday tricks:

  • Welcome the weekend – set the Friday afternoon office routine that plays your favorite songs on Sonos and turns on the lights for blinking, so everyone know it’s time to go out and have fun
  • Perfect morning – set your Lifx and Philips for smooth dimming, your Nest for cool temperature and configure your Belkin Wemo to start your coffee machine before you wake up
  • Rest after workout – set chilled temperature with Nest and perfect music for stretching on your Sonos, so when you come back from your training you can fully relax
  • Be safe and fool the bad guy – Turn on the lights at home, even when you’re far away on holidays
  • Party enhancer – set Philips Hue & Lifx & Yeelight to rock the party together with blinking, looping and other light effects in one charm

Remember, that if you have any questions or problems our dedicated team is there for you. You can contact us within the in-app chat.

Yeti Smart Home works with leading IoT brands:

  • Philips Hue white lights
  • Philips Hue color lights
  • Philips Hue go
  • Philips Hue light stripes
  • Netatmo welcome
  • Netatmo thermostat
  • Netatmo tags
  • Nest Learning Thermostat gen3
  • Nest Learning Thermostat gen2
  • Lifx white gen2
  • Lifx color gen2
  • Lifx color gen3
  • Belkin Wemo Smart Plug
  • Belkin Wemo Insight
  • Belkin Wemo Lights
  • Belkin Wemo Light Switch
  • Sonos Play 1
  • Sonos Play 3
  • Sonos Play 5
  • Tp-Link HS100
  • Tp-Link HS110
  • Tp-Link Color Bulb
  • Tp-Link White Bulb
  • Tp-Link light Switch
  • Yeelight Color
  • Yeelight White
  • Yeelight Light Stripes

To stay up to date with the latest news and updates about Yeti Smart Home or reach the team, follow us on social media:
Twitter: @YetiSmartHome

We work every day to make Yeti Smart Home a better app. If you run into any issues or have useful feedback, please reach us at or in the in-app chat.

Yeti loves smart homes - let it love yours too! :)

Home Screen
Routines ScreenCharms Screen
Yeelight Control Screen

6. Open source (github address)


7. Contact Developer ( Email, Website )

Developer Email:

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    2017-11-06 09:47:02

    Does not work

  • 1732334588
    2017-11-17 18:47:17

    Works with all my lights apart from yeelight. Developer mode has seemed to of vanished...

  • Mikweb
    2017-11-23 00:12:04

    Dont Work. With yeelight

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    2017-12-13 04:30:17

    Doesn't work with yeelight

  • 1682088682
    2018-02-02 18:55:16


    Remember that in order to allow Yeti to control your Yeelight lights through locan control, you have to enable the LAN Control in the settings of your lights. Here you have a really good guide about how to do this:

  • 6241478693
    2019-09-04 21:38:46

    Now i remember why I only bought one thee lights. No follow up development/not available in Australia anyway uggh..

  • 6461126485
    2021-10-17 08:24:56

    What happened to the app? I can't find it on the play store. If the app was killed, it shouldn't be listed as this party app anymore. 🤔

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  • Steele Nickle
    2023-06-19 15:29:14

    Hello Snow Rider,
    If the app has been removed from the market, it should no longer be labelled as this party app.

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  • Rosa Mannelli
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  • 6669913662
    2023-07-17 13:44:28

    Yeti is a smart home control app that enables you to manage and monitor all your smart devices with ease. Compatible with various devices, from lights to security systems, Yeti offers comfort, security, and convenience. With Yeti, you can control your smart home from anywhere, creating schedules and automation routines for different scenarios.

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  • 6669913662
    2023-07-17 13:49:51

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  • 6670114367
    2023-07-18 14:54:45

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