Yeelight Toolbox

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1. Name

Yeelight Toolbox

2. Version


3. Support System



  • Developer mode / LAN control enabled for each device.

  • Computer and Yeelight devices connected to the same local network.

  • .NET Framework 4.5 or later.

  • SlimDX End User Runtime (.NET 4.0) 258

  • Supports Yeelight LED (Color), Yeelight LED (White), Yeelight Lightstrip (Color), Yeelight Ceiling Light and Yeelight Bedside Lamp.

4. Function Brief

Yeelight Toolbox allows you to control your smart devices through your computer.
It supports the latest Yeelight products and it constantly receives new updates and features.

5. Detailed description (Image & Text)

  • Supports Yeelight LED (Color), Yeelight LED (White), Yeelight Lightstrip (Color), Yeelight Ceiling Light and Yeelight Bedside Lamp.

  • Portable and lightweight: no installations, use it anywhere.

  • Fast and reliable: control your smart bulbs without delays.

  • Comfortable and easy to use: clean and simple interface, no complicated configurations.

  • Movie/game mode: change your smart device's color based on the content appearing on your display. Enable automatic brightness control for a complete experience. Check the demo out.

  • Screen color picker: choose any color you can find on your computer or websites. Personalize the zoom level for even more precision.

  • Automation: you decide when and how Yeelight Toolbox starts and your devices' behavior.

  • Integration: Yeelight Toolbox works well with your operating system, taking advantage of its features.

  • Advanced features: if you are a developer or you just want to experiment with the API, you have the ability to send commands manually.

  • More to come: Yeelight Toolbox is always improving thanks to users making suggestions and requesting features. Feedback is the core of this program.

6. Open source (github address)

7. Contact Developer ( Email, Website )

Other forums

Other apps
· Yeelight Music

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  • Seskon home
    2018-02-13 17:30:27

    Increíble aplicación, una sensación de ambilight sin demasiadas complicaciones, la única pega es que no se puedan crear grupos , para usar varios dispositivos al mismo tiempo , esperare futuras actualizaciones

  • Polish Spurdosparde
    2018-02-15 08:26:58

    Works good, but can I suggest some things:

    1. Edit texts in addition to sliders and color picker, would make picking desired value much easier
    2. Display select for movie mode... a bit disappointed it doesn't work if You consume media on second monitor
    3. Movie mode running on multiple devices at once? I have two strips and I have to stop one to run it one the other.
  • Jordi
    2018-02-16 19:40:14

    @Seskon home
    Los grupos serán implementados en el futuro

  • Jordi
    2018-02-16 19:42:03

    @Polish Spurdosparde

    1. Good idea, I'll consider it.
    2. Already on my plans. I have lots of ideas for movie mode.
    3. Also on my plans. I'll add groups/rooms so you can controll multiple bulbs at once, not only movie mode.
  • 1755105627
    2018-02-26 19:58:29

    Is there plans to integrate with Home Assistant, or launching via command to start movie mode on a IP?

  • Jordi
    2018-02-28 16:10:34

    @1755105627 I'll consider it

  • 1786162715
    2018-05-14 06:07:36


  • Jose
    2018-06-16 16:37:52

    I couldn't conectar with Google home. Please, help

  • Jordi
    2018-06-25 00:05:34

    @Jose My program has nothing to do with Google Home, I can't help you

  • Augusto Mota Pinheiro
    2018-06-25 04:39:34

    Hey, the GitHub link isn't there and is there a way to interface this program by command ? If yes, which language would I use?

  • Augusto Mota Pinheiro
    2018-06-25 04:41:40

    @Augusto Mota Pinheiro and by command, I mean from a script, like python or c# or JavaScript. Would it be possible to run it on a server then? Thank you!

  • Jordi
    2018-07-04 05:39:14

    @Augusto Mota Pinheiro this tool is closed source.
    Also, you can interact with the bulb itself from a script or using any other programing language, I don't get the need to interface my program.

  • 1803637672
    2018-08-03 20:53:02

    Hi@Jordi, would it be possible to add a keyboard shortcut to turn the light on and off?

  • Jordi
    2018-08-24 08:51:55

    Hey! Check out my new app, an improved music mode for android that captures internal audio instead of recording from the microphone.
    Download it from Google Play:
    More details here:
    I know I haven’t updated Yeelight Toolbox much while working on this, but development will be resumed. Thanks for your patience!

  • Jordi
    2018-09-09 08:52:38

    v2.0.0 released
    · Added a dark theme.
    · Reduced movie mode flickering (more improvements to come with a firmware update, which eliminates flickering and provides smoother transitions. It's currently in beta).
    · Performance settings for movie mode in advanced tab.
    · Added keyboard shortcuts.
    · Added a donation link in about tab.
    · Bug fixes for movie mode.
    · UI improvements and bug fixes.
    · Updated app icon.


  • Jordi
    2018-09-11 05:16:41

    · Multi-core movie mode.
    · UI improvements.

  • Jordi
    2018-09-12 08:54:06

    · Minor UI improvements.

  • Jordi
    2018-09-16 08:32:54

    · UI tweaks.
    · Improved movie mode performance.
    · Display selection for movie mode.

  • Jordi
    2018-10-01 06:31:36

    Version 3.0.0 uploaded!
    · Groups.
    · New tabbed layout.
    · New fields for inputting RGB and HEX values manually.
    · Improved bulb discovery reliability.
    · Improved lightstrip support.
    · Movie mode advanced settings will now be applied in real time.
    · Other minor UI improvements and bug fixes.

    I've also created a Telegram group for bug reporting, feature requests, suggestions and beta testing. English only. I might as well create a Telegram channel for changelogs so development and releases would be easier to follow.

  • Jordi
    2018-10-01 06:39:13

    Huge thanks to the Yeelight team for providing the necessary hardware, implementing groups would have taken much longer and would have been much harder to debug without their help

  • Jordi
    2018-11-06 01:44:04

    · Improved support for Bedside Lamp.
    · Bug fixes.

  • Jordi
    2019-02-06 04:30:43

    · Reduced flickering in movie mode (FIRMWARE UPDATE REQUIRED).
    · Bug fixes.

  • Jordi
    2019-05-11 03:29:02

    · Bug fixes.

  • Jordi
    2019-05-19 23:01:23

    Added an option to add devices manually for those of you who can't get automatic discovery to work (Advanced -> Add device). It's still work in progress.

  • 6204677741
    2019-06-15 11:58:55

    Should the keyboard shortcuts work while the program is minimized? They seem to only work while it's the active window.

  • Jordi
    2019-06-22 18:50:17

    @6204677741 I have to fix that

  • 6205086961
    2019-07-22 03:33:18

    Fix with ahk script

    WinGet, winid ,, A
    WinShow, Yeelight Toolbox
    WinActivate, Yeelight Toolbox
    Send, {Ctrl down} + {space}
    WinActivate ahk_id %winid%
    WinWait, Yeelight Toolbox
    WinMove, -1000, -1000
    WinHide, Yeelight Toolbox
    Send, {Ctrl up}

  • ilyasJa
    2019-09-28 23:42:06

    404 Not Found for SlimDX End User Runtime (.NET 4.0)

  • 6186835995
    2019-10-16 22:36:08

    Problème connecté

  • 6274427078
    2019-12-17 01:57:54

    I was wondering if you could add midi integration ?
    In my case i would like to control my bulbs with daw or midi controller but i dont have any knowledge in dev things.

  • 6324709760
    2020-06-21 20:45:20

    First of all- really great idea to put this program on PC. I'd like to suggest some things:
    -It would be great to minimize resource consumption in changing colour to screen option because in my case (CPU i5 4690k oc to 4,5GHZ) CPU usage rizes to around 50% just with yeelight turned on.
    -I saw "Turn all on/off at startup" option. It would be nice if this could be configurable with choosing particular group of lights or just one light!
    Thats all for now, keep a good work with this!

  • 6358450935
    2020-09-10 04:09:33


  • Nebur692
    2021-03-10 02:48:58

    No hay más actualizaciones?

  • home
    2021-05-23 01:49:11

    Working devices are no longer working!
    Due to LAN Control is disabled somehow on some devices and the option to turn it back again is REMOVED from yeelite app!
    Seriously, that must be resolved.
    An option to send a command for enabling LAN control must be added.

  • SamantaBel
    2021-11-22 18:38:02

    I really like this toolbox, thank you so much for the information, as a regular user I really appreciate it and use my knowledge actively and you help me to reach incredible heights in graphics, i like this article check here and see what I can do

  • 6284044966
    2021-12-22 02:30:52

    Too bad. Connection is very problem.

  • Mirsaleh Mirsaleh
    2022-02-06 11:00:56

  • 1124828318
    2022-06-01 19:00:09

    What's the meaning of it? If they can easily cancel this and that.

  • 6504682291
    2022-06-11 03:18:47


  • 6331780321
    2022-10-24 08:26:41

    I'm able to change light settings but am getting an "Index was out of range" error whenever I try to use Movie Mode. Is there a fix for this?

  • 6616780517
    2022-11-08 19:30:18

    This is an amazing tool. I would like to review this website on my site Would you please confirm whether my website is eligible to do this? Please let me know. I will highly appreciate for your kind response.

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