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1. Name


2. Version



Windows: https://github.com/davidramiro/fluxee/releases/download/v0.1.3/fluxee-v0.1.3.zip
Other OS: https://github.com/davidramiro/fluxee/archive/v0.1.3.zip

4. Function Brief

F.lux is a tool to darken your display in the evening and night for reducing strain on your eyes and get more natural sleep rhythms. With this tool you can set up a light scene with Yeelight smart lamps corresponding to your f.lux display temperature. Supports any number of lamps simultaneously.

5. Detailed description

  • Enable LAN Control/developer mode on your lamps in the Yeelight app. Screenshots: [1], [2]
  • Find out your lamp's IP addresses and put them into the config.ini file. Screenshots: [3], [4], [5]
  • If you know your lamp's color temperature range you should set it in the config file aswell. If you don't know it, the script will use the widest range possible but you might get an error message. It will still work, though.
  • In f.lux settings enter in the bottom URL mask as shown here.
  • Either run fluxee.py or fluxee.exe

Keep in mind that your f.lux settings might not match your lamp's capabilities. For example, my Yeelight RGBW Bulb supports 1700K to 6500K, my Mi Desk Lamp only 2700K to 6500K. On default, f.lux ranges from 1900K to 6500K, its effectiveness may vary depending on your lamp. If you're very sensitive even 2700K might not be dim enough for you to achieve full melatonin secretion.

6. Open source


7. Contact Developer

Website: https://davidjusto.com
E-Mail: mail@davidjusto.com

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  • 1755713937
    2018-07-16 00:05:08

    Sleeping like a baby now

  • melchi1235
    2020-03-25 01:27:00

    How do you connect them from macOs, I do not find the options on the mac os app

  • Domenico Blaiotta
    2022-06-20 06:11:59

    Where is the config.ini file?

  • Gill Jimmy
    2023-03-13 10:12:44

    I can't figure out how to establish a link between coreball them on macOS since I can't seem to locate the appropriate menu items inside the relevant software.

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  • Ferrason Andreaa
    2023-04-20 10:15:43

    F.lux is a utility that darkens your display in the evening and at night to reduce eye strain and promote more natural sleep patterns. You can use this tool to create a retro bowl light scene using Yeelight smart lighting that corresponds to the temperature of your f.lux display. Supports any number of lamps at the same time.

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