Music mode for Yeelight

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1. Name

Yeelight Music

2. Version


3. Support System


4. Function Brief

Pick your favorite songs and let Yeelight Music do the magic!

5. Detailed description (Image & Text)

An improved and reliable music mode for your Yeelight devices that reacts to the beats of your songs. Customize it to your liking and say goodbye to interferences caused by voices or surrounding noises. Yeelight Music captures the internal audio from your smartphone or tablet instead of using its microphone and offers a wide variety of customization options.

· Brightness control: let the app decide the best brightness level for each beat or choose a fixed one if you prefer.
· Color control: assign any color to each of the three main frequencies or randomize it.
· Visualize how the lights react to the sound in real time through your screen and light bulbs simultaneously.

· Yeelight LED (Color)
· Yeelight LED (White)
· Yeelight Lightstrip (Color)

If you have any suggestions or bug reports, please contact through the email address that you can find at the bottom of the page.

· Smartphone/tablet and Yeelight devices connected to the same local network.
· Developer mode/LAN control enabled for each device.

· RECORD_AUDIO/MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS: required to capture internal audio from the device and for visualization purposes. Provides partial and low quality audio content so privacy is not compromised, but it's enough to make the app work reliably.
· WAKE_LOCK: required to ensure that the app functions as expected even when running in the background or with the screen off. Wakelocks are only kept alive when music mode is running and killed automatically when leaving it or after a timeout, so they can't be abused.
· Internet related permissions: allows the application to discover devices automatically and allows the music mode to communicate with the bulb.

6. Open source (github address)

7. Contact Developer ( Email, Website )

Other forums

Other apps
· Yeelight Toolbox

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  • Jordi
    2018-08-30 07:17:49

    v1.1.0 published:
    · Added a button to reset the color picker to its default state.
    · The color picker now will remember your previous selection.

  • Jordi
    2018-09-12 08:43:41

    · Added a button to toggle on device effects.
    · The light will be dimmed if music is paused.
    · Improved beat detection logic and response time.
    · Updated some UI elements and fixed some animations.

  • 1590146458
    2018-09-21 17:48:04

    Any chance you can port this to windows?

  • Jordi
    2018-09-22 05:32:58

    @1590146458 I'll plan on adding it to my other program Yeelight Toolbox.

  • Jordi
    2018-10-01 06:32:02

    I've also created a Telegram group for bug reporting, feature requests, suggestions and beta testing. English only. I might as well create a Telegram channel for changelogs so development and releases would be easier to follow.

  • Marius
    2018-11-09 03:17:22

    Nice app! It works very well.
    I have some suggestions for this:

    • Group lights for a music group
    • In group: Randomize each bulb
    • In group: Synchronize the bulb lights in the group
    • *.exe for Windows
  • Jordi
    2018-11-09 05:42:25

    @Marius Thanks for your suggestions, I have some of them planned and I'm working on some others.

  • hjuarez78
    2018-12-07 12:03:49

    Thanks good app

  • 1897282416
    2018-12-21 19:28:21

    Saya gak ngerti

  • Nebur692
    2019-01-13 09:36:22

    Me encanta!!!

  • 紫儿们的爹(千)
    2019-02-23 16:38:53


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