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1. Name


2. Version


3. Support System

Windows, MacOS and Linux

4. Function Brief

JeeLight is the most advanced, feature-rich app for controlling Yeelight devices from PC. It currently supports up to 8 simultaneous Yeelights, which can be controlled together or individually.

5. Detailed description (Image & Text)

JeeLights core features include Ambilight
"Ambilight creates light effects that correspond to the screen content."
which can be configured per light via Drag&Drop – meaning you can control which part of your screen each of your lights will react to.

This allows you, for example, to set your left light to the left side of your screen, right light to the right side, a strip underneath your monitor to the bottom of your screen, etc.
So you can achieve some amazing ambient effects with this – see video below of Jeelight’s Ambilight in action.
Watch demo video here!


Ambilight mode also includes:

  • CPU multithreading for the best possible performance when using multiple lights together (each light will receive its own CPU thread, preventing CPU overload when Ambilight monitors your screen for colors).
  • Flash Detection which adds immersion to action movie scenes with a lot of gunfire and explosions (for example). Your Yeelights will very briefly “flash” a bright white and return to another color.
  • Switch black to blue mode which adds serious immersion to horror movies or very dark scenes – there is no way for Yeelights to display “black” (except turning them off…), so normally Yeelights will simply display white when Ambilight detects
    black color. However, blue is the closest color to black – especially at lowest brightness. Thus, dark scenes in horror movies will feel especially scary with the ambient blue lighting.
  • Detect average or predominant colors – results vary depending on screen content.
  • Zone testing (launches a video to quickly test and configure your JeeLight zones)
  • For owner of the latest YeeLight beta firmware you can also use new commands, this will give you a much smoother colorfading. This was created in cooperation with the Yeelight developers. Thanks a lot for that!

While Ambilight is the core feature of JeeLight, it doesn’t stop there – Jeelight also has a “Playground” to control your light colors individually.
And Mouseflow tracks your mouse cursor and changes your Yeelights to whatever you’re mousing over.
Jeelights Playground

In the Effectcreator you can built your own awsome effects. Easy as 1-2-3.

In Sceneplayer you can create your Scenes vie Drag&Drop. Just Drag your effects from the list and drop it onto the desired lights. You can customize your own scenes , and send them to your lights – even apply them to individual, to have multiple scenes running together.
You can upload and share your effects with other Jeelight users, and download presets from other users as well. Jeelights Onlinebrowser includes most of the basic Effects from the official Yeelight app.
Of course you can edit all Effects as well.

There will be more and more Features in the future,
for example a Circadian Lighting (like f.lux) wich was added in 2.2. Circadian Lighting is a lighting system designed to tap into the cycles our bodies’ follow each day, based on the color of the sky.

There will be also an Mobile App for controlling JeeLight and for standalone functions!

Check out some of the great videos from the awesome Community:

6. Open source (github address)


7. Contact Developer ( Email, Website )

Stephan Mühl

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