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1. Name


2. Version


3. Support System

4. Function Brief

Open source Yeelight Tool made for Windows.

5. Detailed description (Image & Text)


Upcoming Features:

  • Multi language support,
  • Lights group management,
  • Selected multi lights control,
  • Tasks management: “If i start chrome turn Gameroom light to purple”,

Current Features:

  • Light management: RGB, Brightness, Temperature, Smoothness.

6. Open source (github address)

Source: C# .NET

7. Contact Developer ( Email, Website )

Personal message on:

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  • 1901371395
    2020-03-27 11:00:54

    New version (1.0.4): Added updater.

  • 1901371395
    2020-06-17 09:14:57

    New version (1.0.5):

    New buttons to manage light and new profiling system.

    Add/Update/Delete profiles. Select them whenever you want to make light managing easier.


  • 1901371395
    2020-07-20 06:55:54

    Major rework

    New version (2.0.1):

    • Modernized UI
    • Cleaner code
    • Less bugs

  • 6432456958
    2021-03-18 13:42:07


    Awesome app, works fine! Do you think you can add Flow?


  • 6432456958
    2021-03-18 13:50:37

    stuff like this

    from yeelight.transitions import *
    from yeelight import Flow

    flow = Flow(
    transitions=disco(), # Call the transition preset to get the

    transitions you like.



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