YeeMee Kodi ambilight addon

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1. Name


2. Version

5.00 / v4.61

3. Support System

Kodi with Python 3.x:

Kodi with Python 2.x: http://

4. Function Brief

Addon for popular media center Kodi, allows control of Yeelight devices and ambilight.

5. Detailed description (Image & Text)

Addon for popular media center Kodi, allows control of Yeelight devices and ambilight.

6. Open source (github address)

Source included in zip file (python is not compiled)

7. Contact Developer ( Email, Website )

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  • 5216704416
    2020-08-16 08:32:05

    OMG I can't believe my eyes the addon is back,
    One hiccup though, Ambilight is not working for 1080p/720p videos.
    I am using Openelec 8.0.4, Kodi 17.3 in raspberry pi.
    am I missing something

  • Mostafa
    2020-10-27 14:04:55

    Hi, it doesn’t work on Sony Android TV. Kodi 18. It does recognize the bulbs but in play/pause menu can not turn on and choose the bulb. Cannot test as well.

  • Valentine Dorum
    2021-01-16 23:53:50

    Works perfectly on windows devices, but on amazon stick 4K kodi version 18.9 + yeemee 4.61 just turning bulbs on and off. Ambi light doesn't work at all. The same situation with macOS on MacBook PRO 2019.

  • Steven Leipzig
    2021-01-19 04:30:50


  • 1877934861
    2021-01-22 04:53:46

    So happy to have you back!
    Installed Kodi 19 just to have this excellent plugin working again.
    Lights on lights off at play pause works a charm, ambi just picks up the color from the first frame and then freezes. Using Kodi 19 RC on android nVidia Shield.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Zoran
    2021-03-02 01:45:05

    It is working if you turn off hardware acceleration in settings, but then very often video is not playing smoothly.

  • Dlaz
    2021-03-18 01:31:13

    Call me an idiot, but where is the install folder? I click the links and nothing happens...

  • Zoran
    2021-03-24 05:55:47

    @Dlaz long press, download link

  • 6539060288
    2022-01-13 10:28:50

    Using Kodi 19.3 on Shield Pro. Can't get this to work consistently at all for turning lights on/off.

  • 6297332960
    2022-01-16 05:29:41

    YeeMe is not more compatible with the last Kodi-Version 19.3 and with Libreelec and Kodi 19.3 .. I hope here we get a Update soon!

  • 6643191495
    2023-03-07 12:13:36

    You must now activate developer mode in the moto x3m. As a result, software other than Xiaomi's will be able to manage the light bulb.

  • Gill Jimmy
    2023-03-13 10:14:45

    If you disable hardware acceleration in the settings, the movie will play krunker, but the playback quality will suffer.

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  • 6655614112
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  • 6661250485
    2023-06-02 17:09:40

    color blind test allows control of Yeelight devices and ambilight.

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