Basic requirements for academic papers

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Each topic is a different field of thought. Naturally, each college, department, and department may have its own, specific requirements for students' academic papers. The specifics of each individual topic largely determine their list.

Nevertheless, there is a basic list of requirements for academic papers that do not depend on the topic and direction of the research. They apply to both the humanities and technical fields. Chief among them are the following:

Informational richness of the paper, the use of an extensive fact base in its writing.
In-depth understanding of the chosen topic.
Qualitative and comprehensive treatment of the literature in the specified area of scientific research.
Use of exclusively authoritative sources. Work with relevant articles, books, monographs, and studies.
Verification of the relevance of statistical data, formulas, and research results.
Clear argumentation, clear cause-and-effect connections, and impeccable conciseness of presentation.
Use of illustrative material - tables, charts, graphs, supplements, graphs, etc.
The presence of the author's unique conclusions, thoughts, and research. A high percentage of uniqueness of the text.

Be aware that colleges use software like Turnitin to check papers, and it’s quite effective. At least effective enough to detect any kinds of plagiarism, including rephrasing. So don’t even try to steal it, better read some articles like review and order it.

An academic paper is also supposed to follow a specific paper format strictly. There are plenty of guides on APA, MLA, Chicago, and other common formats. The owl purdue website has probably the most comprehensive guides. Pay special attention to the sources. as this part can cut your grade a lot.

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