CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Responder CCFR-201 Exam Questions

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If you are looking for a comprehensive and effective way to study for your CrowdStrike CCFR-201 exam, then PassQuestion's CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Responder CCFR-201 Exam Questions are the perfect solution. These CCFR-201 exam questions are specifically designed to align with the real exam objectives, ensuring that you are fully prepared to pass your exam with ease. With the help of these CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Responder CCFR-201 Exam Questions, you will have access to a wealth of information and insights that will not only improve your knowledge of the subject matter, but also enhance your exam-taking strategies. Additionally, PassQuestion's CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Responder CCFR-201 Exam Questions are regularly updated to reflect the latest exam trends and developments, so you can be sure that you are always studying the most relevant and up-to-date information.

CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Responder (CCFR) Exam
The CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Responder (CCFR) exam is the final step toward the completion of CCFR certification. This exam evaluates a candidate's knowledge, skills and abilities to respond to a detection within the CrowdStrike Falcon console. The CCFR exam is a 90-minute, 60-question assessment. Exam questions have been specifically written in a way that eliminates tricky wording, double negatives, and/or fill-in-the-blank type questions. This exam passed several rounds of editing by both technical and non-technical experts and has been tested by a wide variety of candidates.

A successful CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Responder:
Conducts initial triage of detections in the Falcon console
Manages filtering, grouping, assignment, commenting and status changes of detections
Performs basic investigation tasks such as host search, host timeline, process timeline, user search and other clickdriven workflows
Conducts basic proactive hunting for atomic indicators such as domain names, IP addresses and hash values across enterprise event data

CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Responder Exam Topics
1.0 Attack Frameworks
1.1 Use MITRE ATT&CK information within Falcon to provide context to a detection
1.2 Explain what information the MITRE ATT&CK framework provides

2.0 Detection Analysis
2.1 Recommend courses of action based on the analysis of information provided within the Falcon platform
2.2 Explain what general information is on the Detections dashboard
2.3 Explain what information is in the Activity > Detections page
2.4 Describe the different sources of detections within the Falcon platform
2.5 Interpret the data contained in Host Search results
2.6 Interpret the data contained in Hash Search results
2.7 Demonstrate how to pivot from a detection to a Process Timeline
2.8 Explain what contextual event data is available in a detection (IP/DNS/Disk/etc.)
2.9 Explain how detection filtering and grouping might be used
2.10 Explain when to use built-in OSINT tools
2.11 Explain the difference between Global vs. Local Prevalence
2.12 Explain what Full Detection Details will provide
2.13 Explain how to get to Full Detection Details
2.14 Analyze process relationships using the information contained in the Full Detection Details
2.15 Explain what type of data the View As Process Tree, View As Process Table and View As Process Activity provide
2.16 Explain how to identify managed/unmanaged Neighbors for an endpoint during a Host Search
2.17 Explain the purpose of assigning a detection to an analyst
2.18 Triage a non-Falcon Indicator of Compromise (IOC) in the Falcon UI
2.19 Describe what the different policies (Block, Block and Hide Detection, Detect Only, Allow, No Action) do
2.20 Explain the effects of allowlisting and blocklisting
2.21 Explain the effects of machine learning exclusion rules
2.22 Explain the effects of Sensor Visibility exclusions
2.23 Explain the effects of IOA exclusions
2.24 State the retention period for quarantined files
2.25 Describe what happens when you release a quarantined file
2.26 Download a quarantined file
2.27 Based on a detection, determine which investigate tools, e.g., host, hash, etc., to use based on best practices

3.0 Event Search
3.1 Perform an Event Search from a detection and refine a search using event actions
3.2 Explain what event actions do
3.3 Explain key event types

4.0 Hunting Analytics
4.1 Explain what information a process Timeline will provide
4.2 Explain what information a Host Timeline will provide

5.0 Hunting Methodology
5.1 Describe the process relationship (Target/Parent/Context)

6.0 Navigation
6.1 Retrieve the information required to generate a Process Timeline
6.2 Demonstrate how to get to a Process Explorer from a Event Search
6.3 Find quarantined files

7.0 Reports
7.1 Export detection and process data from Full Detection Details for further review
7.2 Explain what information is in the Detection Activity Report
7.3 Describe what information is in the Executive Summary Dashboard
7.4 Describe what information is in the Detection Resolution Dashboard

8.0 Search Tools
8.1 Explain what information a User Search provides
8.2 Explain what information a IP Search provides
8.3 Explain what information a Hash Executions (Search) provides
8.4 Explain what information a Hash Search provides
8.5 Explain what information a Bulk Domain Search provides

View Online CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Responder CCFR-201 Free Questions

  1. What does the Full Detection Details option provide?
    A.It provides a visualization of program ancestry via the Process Tree View
    B.It provides a visualization of program ancestry via the Process Activity View
    C.It provides detailed list of detection events via the Process Table View
    D.It provides a detailed list of detection events via the Process Tree View
    Answer: A

  2. What are Event Actions?
    A.Automated searches that can be used to pivot between related events and searches
    B.Pivotable hyperlinks available in a Host Search
    C.Custom event data queries bookmarked by the currently signed in Falcon user
    D.Raw Falcon event data
    Answer: A

  3. What does pivoting to an Event Search from a detection do?
    A.It gives you the ability to search for similar events on other endpoints quickly
    B.It takes you to the raw Insight event data and provides you with a number of Event Actions
    C.It takes you to a Process Timeline for that detection so you can see all related events
    D.It allows you to input an event type, such as DNS Request or ASEP write, and search for those events within the detection
    Answer: B

  4. You are notified by a third-party that a program may have redirected traffic to a malicious domain. Which Falcon page will assist you in searching for any domain request information related to this notice?
    A.Falcon X
    Answer: B

  5. In the Hash Search tool, which of the following is listed under Process Executions?
    A.Operating System
    B.File Signature
    C.Command Line
    D.Sensor Version
    Answer: C

  6. The Process Activity View provides a rows-and-columns style view of the events generated in a detection. Why might this be helpful?
    A.The Process Activity View creates a consolidated view of all detection events for that process that can be exported for further analysis
    B.The Process Activity View will show the Detection time of the earliest recorded activity which might indicate first affected machine
    C.The Process Activity View only creates a summary of Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) loaded by a process
    D.The Process Activity View creates a count of event types only, which can be useful when scoping the event
    Answer: A

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