Lumia Stream - Connect your Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook to your Smart Lights

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1. Name

Lumia Stream

2. Version


3. Support System

Windows, Mac

4. Function Brief

Lumia Stream provides the perfect integration between your Streaming services and your RGB lights. Whether
you create content on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Lumia Stream brings a
whole new level of viewer interaction to the table.

5. Detailed description (Image & Text)

With the powerful tools that Lumia Stream offers, streamers
can set up custom animations, patterns, and scenes based
on viewer engagement and actions. With a wide array of
colors to choose from, our goal is to close the gap between
content creators and their community. From new subscribers
to timed reactions and chat commands, our intuitive Lumia
Stream Studio boasts a multitude of features.

6. Open source (github address)

Closed Source

7. Contact Developer ( Email, Website )

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  • AnonymozzY
    2021-06-26 07:34:14

    Do not show my yee lights in Lumia, lan control activated

  • 6252252386
    2021-08-08 23:54:32

    hello help please lumia stream does not see my yeelight bulb. All properly connected pairing in the same wi-fi network

  • 6514225309
    2021-10-22 10:15:22

    Same issue, lumia does not read any of my yeelights but recognizes others very easily

  • Allisonne Annettemarsha
    2023-02-02 16:21:42

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  • Aderson Mathew
    2023-03-11 16:36:55

    For streamers who want to give their audience control over your smart lights, including Phillips Hue, nanoleaf, Lifx, and more, there is Lumia Stream. You can allow direct audience interaction with your stream if you stream on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, word hurdle or Glimesh.

  • 6644462690
    2023-03-13 09:22:47

    Using this app, I won't have to worry about which streaming platform to switch to. Thanks to the maker of this app.Flappy Bird

  • Clark benson
    2023-03-14 15:52:56

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