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  • YeeMee Kodi ambilight addon at 2023-10-10 14:54:54

    Thanks for sharing all this great information about the YeeMee Kodi addon! As someone who enjoys tinkering with different home automation technologies, I've found addons like this that integrate media playback and lighting control to be really fascinating.

    It's nice to see an active developer community still working on improving compatibility across different versions of Kodi. Supporting new platforms and keeping things up to date can't be easy. I work with a company that provides Sitecore solutions, and we often face similar challenges trying to maintain compatibility as technologies evolve.

    We've done a few projects incorporating Yeelight bulbs and other smart lighting into client sites built on Sitecore. The ability to sync lighting effects with video or music playback adds a really engaging dimension. This YeeMee addon seems like it would be perfect for that.

    It's good to see the feedback here detailing which devices and OS combinations are currently working well. As one of Sitecore technology partners, we're always evaluating new integration options for our clients. This one looks promising, though some of the compatibility issues mentioned here are something we'd need to factor in.

    Thanks again for the great work on this addon and for maintaining this open discussion forum. Partnerships and communities like this are so valuable for advancing these types of cross-platform technologies. Please keep us updated if any new versions address the concerns raised. Our clients would be interested in using this kind of integrated experience.